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1.2 Acknowledgments

1.2 Acknowledgments

Numerical Python was the outgrowth of a long collaborative design process carried out by the Matrix SIG of the Python Software Activity (PSA). Jim Hugunin, while a graduate student at MIT, wrote most of the code and initial documentation. When Jim joined CNRI and began working on JPython, he didn't have the time to maintain Numerical Python so Paul Dubois at LLNL agreed to become the maintainer of Numerical Python. David Ascher, working as a consultant to LLNL, wrote most of the Numerical Python version of this document, incorporating contributions from Konrad Hinsen and Travis Oliphant, both of whom are major contributors to Numerical Python. The reimplementation of Numeric as numarray was done primarily by Perry Greenfield, Todd Miller, and Rick White, with some assistance from J.C. Hsu and Paul Barrett. Although numarray is almost a completely new implementation, it owes a great deal to the ideas, interface and behavior expressed in the Numeric implementation. It is not an overstatement to say that the existence of Numeric made the implementation of numarray far, far easier that it would otherwise have been. Since the source for the original Numeric module was moved to SourceForge, the numarray user community has become a significant part of the process. Numeric/numarray illustrates the power of the open source software concept. Please send comments and corrections to this manual to, or to Perry Greenfield, 3700 San Martin Dr, Baltimore, MD 21218, U.S.A.

Send comments to the NumArray community.