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1.1 Where to get information and code

1.1 Where to get information and code

Numarray and its documentation are available at SourceForge (; SourceForge addresses can also be abbreviated as The main web site is: Downloads, bug reports, a patch facility, and releases are at the main project page, reachable from the above site or directly at: (see Numarray under "Latest File Releases"). The Python web site is For up-to-date status on compatible modules available for numarray, please check

NOTE: because numarray shares the numpy Source Forge project with Numeric and Numeric3, there are dedicated Source Forge ``Trackers'' for numarray, .e.g. ``Numarray Bugs'' rather than just ``Bugs''. When submitting bug reports, patches, or requests, please look for the numarray version of the tracker under the top level menu item ``Tracker'', nominally here:

Send comments to the NumArray community.