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The Visual Module of VPython

The Visual Module of VPython

VPython is the Python programming language plus a 3D graphics module called "Visual" developed by David Scherer. This document describes all of the Visual capabilities. To invoke the Visual module, place the following statement at the start of the file:

from visual import *

Introduction: for those new to Python and Visual

Basic Display Objects

       cylinder Start with cylinder: much of what is said here applies to other objects as well.
      arrow label
      cone frame: combining several objects into one
      pyramid faces: low-level object for special purposes
      sphere Additional Attributes: visible, frame, display, class, members
      ring Convenient Defaults
      box Rotating an Object
      ellipsoid Specifying Colors
      curve Deleting an Object
Limiting the Animation Rate
      convex Floating Division: 3/4 is 0, but 3./4. is 0.75 in Python

Vector Computations

  • vector, including mag, mag2, norm, cross, dot, rotate, diff_angle

Plotting Graphs of Functions or Data

Windows, Mouse, and Keyboard Interactions

The factorial and combin Functions

VPython documentation was produced by Ruth Chabay, David Scherer, and Bruce Sherwood.