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2.4 At the SourceForge...

2.4 At the SourceForge...

The SourceForge project page for numarray is at On this project page you will find links to:

The Numpy Discussion List
You can subscribe to a discussion list about numarray using the project page at SourceForge. The list is a good place to ask questions and get help. Send mail to Note that there is no numarray-discussion group, we share the list created by the numeric community.

The Web Site
Click on "home page" to get to the Numarray Home Page, which has links to documentation and other resources, including tools for connecting numarray to Fortran.
Bugs and Patches
Bug tracking and patch-management facilities is provided on the SourceForge project page.
CVS Repository
You can get the latest and greatest (albeit less tested and trustworthy) version of numarray directly from our CVS repository.
FTP Site
The FTP Site contains this documentation in several formats, plus maybe some other goodies we have lying around.

Send comments to the NumArray community.