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22.7 numarray.memmap functions

22.7 numarray.memmap functions

open( filename, mode='r+', len=None)
open opens a Memmap object on the file filename with the specified mode. Available mode values include 'readonly' ('r'), 'copyonwrite' ('c'), 'readwrite' ('r+'), and 'write' ('w+'), all but the last of which have contents defined by the file.

Neither mode 'r' nor mode 'c' can affect the underlying map file. Readonly maps impose no requirement on system swap space and raise exceptions when their contents are modified. Copy-on-write maps require system swap space corresponding to their size, but have modifiable pages which become reassociated with system swap as they are changed leaving the original map file unaltered. Insufficient swap space can prevent the creation of a copy-on-write memory map. Modifications to readwrite memory maps are eventually reflected onto the map file; see flushing and syncing.

close( map)
close closes the Memmap object specified by map.

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