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3.5 MiniAEFrame -- Open Scripting Architecture server support

3.5 MiniAEFrame -- Open Scripting Architecture server support

Availability: Macintosh.

The module MiniAEFrame provides a framework for an application that can function as an Open Scripting Architecture (OSA) server, i.e. receive and process AppleEvents. It can be used in conjunction with FrameWork or standalone. As an example, it is used in PythonCGISlave.

The MiniAEFrame module defines the following classes:

class AEServer( )
A class that handles AppleEvent dispatch. Your application should subclass this class together with either MiniApplication or FrameWork.Application. Your __init__() method should call the __init__() method for both classes.

class MiniApplication( )
A class that is more or less compatible with FrameWork.Application but with less functionality. Its event loop supports the apple menu, command-dot and AppleEvents; other events are passed on to the Python interpreter and/or Sioux. Useful if your application wants to use AEServer but does not provide its own windows, etc.

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