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3.5.1 AEServer Objects

3.5.1 AEServer Objects

installaehandler( classe, type, callback)
Installs an AppleEvent handler. classe and type are the four-character OSA Class and Type designators, '****' wildcards are allowed. When a matching AppleEvent is received the parameters are decoded and your callback is invoked.

callback( _object, **kwargs)
Your callback is called with the OSA Direct Object as first positional parameter. The other parameters are passed as keyword arguments, with the 4-character designator as name. Three extra keyword parameters are passed: _class and _type are the Class and Type designators and _attributes is a dictionary with the AppleEvent attributes.

The return value of your method is packed with aetools.packevent() and sent as reply.

Note that there are some serious problems with the current design. AppleEvents which have non-identifier 4-character designators for arguments are not implementable, and it is not possible to return an error to the originator. This will be addressed in a future release.

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