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4. String Services

4. String Services

The modules described in this chapter provide a wide range of string manipulation operations. Here's an overview:

string   Common string operations.
re   Regular expression search and match operations with a Perl-style expression syntax.
struct   Interpret strings as packed binary data.
difflib   Helpers for computing differences between objects.
StringIO   Read and write strings as if they were files.
cStringIO   Faster version of StringIO, but not subclassable.
textwrap   Text wrapping and filling
codecs   Encode and decode data and streams.
encodings.idna   Internationalized Domain Names implementation
encodings.utf-8-sig   UTF-8 codec with BOM signature
unicodedata   Access the Unicode Database.
stringprep   String preparation, as per RFC 3453
fpformat   General floating point formatting functions.

Information on the methods of string objects can be found in section 3.6.1, ``String Methods.''

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