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6.7.1 Mapping Operators to Functions

6.7.1 Mapping Operators to Functions

This table shows how abstract operations correspond to operator symbols in the Python syntax and the functions in the operator module.

Operation Syntax Function
Addition a + b add(a, b)
Concatenation seq1 + seq2 concat(seq1, seq2)
Containment Test o in seq contains(seq, o)
Division a / b div(a, b) # without __future__.division
Division a / b truediv(a, b) # with __future__.division
Division a // b floordiv(a, b)
Bitwise And a & b and_(a, b)
Bitwise Exclusive Or a ^ b xor(a, b)
Bitwise Inversion ~ a invert(a)
Bitwise Or a | b or_(a, b)
Exponentiation a ** b pow(a, b)
Identity a is b is_(a, b)
Identity a is not b is_not(a, b)
Indexed Assignment o[k] = v setitem(o, k, v)
Indexed Deletion del o[k] delitem(o, k)
Indexing o[k] getitem(o, k)
Left Shift a << b lshift(a, b)
Modulo a % b mod(a, b)
Multiplication a * b mul(a, b)
Negation (Arithmetic) - a neg(a)
Negation (Logical) not a not_(a)
Right Shift a >> b rshift(a, b)
Sequence Repitition seq * i repeat(seq, i)
Slice Assignment seq[i:j] = values setslice(seq, i, j, values)
Slice Deletion del seq[i:j] delslice(seq, i, j)
Slicing seq[i:j] getslice(seq, i, j)
String Formatting s % o mod(s, o)
Subtraction a - b sub(a, b)
Truth Test o truth(o)
Ordering a < b lt(a, b)
Ordering a <= b le(a, b)
Equality a == b eq(a, b)
Difference a != b ne(a, b)
Ordering a >= b ge(a, b)
Ordering a > b gt(a, b)

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