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7. Internet Data Handling

7. Internet Data Handling

This chapter describes modules which support handling data formats commonly used on the Internet.

email   Package supporting the parsing, manipulating, and generating email messages, including MIME documents.
email.message   The base class representing email messages.
email.parser   Parse flat text email messages to produce a message object structure.
email.generator   Generate flat text email messages from a message structure.
email.header   Representing non-ASCII headers
email.charset   Character Sets
email.encoders   Encoders for email message payloads.
email.errors   The exception classes used by the email package.
email.utils   Miscellaneous email package utilities.
email.iterators   Iterate over a message object tree.
mailcap   Mailcap file handling.
mailbox   Manipulate mailboxes in various formats
mhlib   Manipulate MH mailboxes from Python.
mimetools   Tools for parsing MIME-style message bodies.
mimetypes   Mapping of filename extensions to MIME types.
MimeWriter   Generic MIME file writer.
mimify   Mimification and unmimification of mail messages.
multifile   Support for reading files which contain distinct parts, such as some MIME data.
rfc822   Parse RFC 2822 style mail messages.
base64   RFC 3548: Base16, Base32, Base64 Data Encodings
binhex   Encode and decode files in binhex4 format.
binascii   Tools for converting between binary and various ASCII-encoded binary representations.
quopri   Encode and decode files using the MIME quoted-printable encoding.
uu   Encode and decode files in uuencode format.

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