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Appendix A. Further reading

Appendix A. Further reading

Chapter 1. Installing Python

    Chapter 2. Your First Python Program

    Chapter 3. Native Datatypes

    Chapter 4. The Power Of Introspection

    Chapter 5. Objects and Object-Orientation

    Chapter 6. Exceptions and File Handling

    Chapter 7. Regular Expressions

    Chapter 8. HTML Processing

    Chapter 9. XML Processing

    • 9.4. Unicode

      • is the home page of the unicode standard, including a brief technical introduction.
      • Unicode Tutorial has some more examples of how to use Python's unicode functions, including how to force Python to coerce unicode into ASCII even when it doesn't really want to.
      • PEP 263 goes into more detail about how and when to define a character encoding in your .py files.

    Chapter 10. Scripts and Streams

      Chapter 11. HTTP Web Services

      Chapter 12. SOAP Web Services

      Chapter 13. Unit Testing

      Chapter 14. Test-First Programming

        Chapter 15. Refactoring

        Chapter 16. Functional Programming

          Chapter 17. Dynamic functions

          Chapter 18. Performance Tuning