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B. Getting Support
Python Imaging Library Handbook

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B. Getting Support

Patches, fixes, updates, and new utilities are welcome. If you stumble upon files that the library does not handle as expected, post a note to the Image SIG mailing list (see below). If you fix such a problem and supply a patch, you may send me the image file anyway so I don't mess things up again in later revisions.

Ideas on formats and features that should be added, sample files, and other contributions are also welcome.

For all sorts of updates, including information on commercial support and extensions to PIL, check the PIL product page, at: (off-site link)
via the Python home page (off-site link)

For support and general questions, send e-mail to the Python Image SIG mailing list: (mail address)

You can join the Image SIG by sending a mail to Put subscribe in the message body to automatically subscribe to the list, or help to get additional information.

Alternatively, you can use the Python mailing list,, or the newsgroup comp.lang.python.