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What’s New in Python 2.7 — Python v3.0 documentation

What’s New in Python 2.7¶

Author:A.M. Kuchling (amk at
Date:December 04, 2008

This article explains the new features in Python 2.7. No release schedule has been decided yet for 2.7.

Other Language Changes¶

Some smaller changes made to the core Python language are:

  • List of changes to be written here.


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New, Improved, and Deprecated Modules¶

As in every release, Python’s standard library received a number of enhancements and bug fixes. Here’s a partial list of the most notable changes, sorted alphabetically by module name. Consult the Misc/NEWS file in the source tree for a more complete list of changes, or look through the Subversion logs for all the details.

  • To be written.

Build and C API Changes¶

Changes to Python’s build process and to the C API include:

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Port-Specific Changes: Windows¶

Port-Specific Changes: Mac OS X¶

Porting to Python 2.7¶

This section lists previously described changes and other bugfixes that may require changes to your code:

To be written.


The author would like to thank the following people for offering suggestions, corrections and assistance with various drafts of this article: no one yet.