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2.3 ic -- Access to Internet Config

2.3 ic -- Access to Internet Config

Availability: Macintosh.

This module provides access to various internet-related preferences set through System Preferences or the Finder.

There is a low-level companion module icglue which provides the basic Internet Config access functionality. This low-level module is not documented, but the docstrings of the routines document the parameters and the routine names are the same as for the Pascal or C API to Internet Config, so the standard IC programmers' documentation can be used if this module is needed.

The ic module defines the error exception and symbolic names for all error codes Internet Config can produce; see the source for details.

exception error
Exception raised on errors in the ic module.

The ic module defines the following class and function:

class IC( [signature[, ic]])
Create an Internet Config object. The signature is a 4-character creator code of the current application (default 'Pyth') which may influence some of ICs settings. The optional ic argument is a low-level icglue.icinstance created beforehand, this may be useful if you want to get preferences from a different config file, etc.

launchurl( url[, hint])
parseurl( data[, start[, end[, hint]]])
mapfile( file)
maptypecreator( type, creator[, filename])
settypecreator( file)
These functions are ``shortcuts'' to the methods of the same name, described below.

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