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2.2.2 Alias Objects

2.2.2 Alias Objects

The raw data for the Alias record, suitable for storing in a resource or transmitting to other programs.

Resolve( [file])
Resolve the alias. If the alias was created as a relative alias you should pass the file relative to which it is. Return the FSSpec for the file pointed to and a flag indicating whether the Alias object itself was modified during the search process. If the file does not exist but the path leading up to it does exist a valid fsspec is returned.

GetInfo( num)
An interface to the C routine GetAliasInfo().

Update( file[, file2])
Update the alias to point to the file given. If file2 is present a relative alias will be created.

Note that it is currently not possible to directly manipulate a resource as an Alias object. Hence, after calling Update() or after Resolve() indicates that the alias has changed the Python program is responsible for getting the data value from the Alias object and modifying the resource.

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