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8.10.4 ErrorHandler Objects

8.10.4 ErrorHandler Objects

Objects with this interface are used to receive error and warning information from the XMLReader. If you create an object that implements this interface, then register the object with your XMLReader, the parser will call the methods in your object to report all warnings and errors. There are three levels of errors available: warnings, (possibly) recoverable errors, and unrecoverable errors. All methods take a SAXParseException as the only parameter. Errors and warnings may be converted to an exception by raising the passed-in exception object.

error( exception)
Called when the parser encounters a recoverable error. If this method does not raise an exception, parsing may continue, but further document information should not be expected by the application. Allowing the parser to continue may allow additional errors to be discovered in the input document.

fatalError( exception)
Called when the parser encounters an error it cannot recover from; parsing is expected to terminate when this method returns.

warning( exception)
Called when the parser presents minor warning information to the application. Parsing is expected to continue when this method returns, and document information will continue to be passed to the application. Raising an exception in this method will cause parsing to end.
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