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Mot de passe oublié ?Je m'inscris ! (gratuit) Edit menu Edit menu

Undo last change to current window (max 1000 changes)
Redo last undone change to current window

Copy selection into system-wide clipboard; then delete selection
Copy selection into system-wide clipboard
Insert system-wide clipboard into window
Select All
Select the entire contents of the edit buffer

Open a search dialog box with many options
Find again
Repeat last search
Find selection
Search for the string in the selection
Find in Files...
Open a search dialog box for searching files
Open a search-and-replace dialog box
Go to line
Ask for a line number and show that line

Indent region
Shift selected lines right 4 spaces
Dedent region
Shift selected lines left 4 spaces
Comment out region
Insert ## in front of selected lines
Uncomment region
Remove leading # or ## from selected lines
Tabify region
Turns leading stretches of spaces into tabs
Untabify region
Turn all tabs into the right number of spaces
Expand word
Expand the word you have typed to match another word in the same buffer; repeat to get a different expansion
Format Paragraph
Reformat the current blank-line-separated paragraph

Import module
Import or reload the current module
Run script
Execute the current file in the __main__ namespace

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