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class Balloon( )
A Balloon that pops up over a widget to provide help. When the user moves the cursor inside a widget to which a Balloon widget has been bound, a small pop-up window with a descriptive message will be shown on the screen.

class ButtonBox( )
The ButtonBox widget creates a box of buttons, such as is commonly used for Ok Cancel.

class ComboBox( )
The ComboBox widget is similar to the combo box control in MS Windows. The user can select a choice by either typing in the entry subwdget or selecting from the listbox subwidget.

class Control( )
The Control widget is also known as the SpinBox widget. The user can adjust the value by pressing the two arrow buttons or by entering the value directly into the entry. The new value will be checked against the user-defined upper and lower limits.

class LabelEntry( )
The LabelEntry widget packages an entry widget and a label into one mega widget. It can be used be used to simplify the creation of ``entry-form'' type of interface.

class LabelFrame( )
The LabelFrame widget packages a frame widget and a label into one mega widget. To create widgets inside a LabelFrame widget, one creates the new widgets relative to the frame subwidget and manage them inside the frame subwidget.

class Meter( )
The Meter widget can be used to show the progress of a background job which may take a long time to execute.

class OptionMenu( )
The OptionMenu creates a menu button of options.

class PopupMenu( )
The PopupMenu widget can be used as a replacement of the tk_popup command. The advantage of the Tix PopupMenu widget is it requires less application code to manipulate.

class Select( )
The Select widget is a container of button subwidgets. It can be used to provide radio-box or check-box style of selection options for the user.

class StdButtonBox( )
The StdButtonBox widget is a group of standard buttons for Motif-like dialog boxes.

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