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18.26.2 DocCGIXMLRPCRequestHandler

18.26.2 DocCGIXMLRPCRequestHandler

The DocCGIXMLRPCRequestHandler class is derived from SimpleXMLRPCServer.CGIXMLRPCRequestHandler and provides a means of creating self-documenting, XML-RPC CGI scripts. HTTP POST requests are handled as XML-RPC method calls. HTTP GET requests are handled by generating pydoc-style HTML documentation. This allows a server to provide its own web-based documentation.

set_server_title( server_title)

Set the title used in the generated HTML documentation. This title will be used inside the HTML "title" element.

set_server_name( server_name)

Set the name used in the generated HTML documentation. This name will appear at the top of the generated documentation inside a "h1" element.

set_server_documentation( server_documentation)

Set the description used in the generated HTML documentation. This description will appear as a paragraph, below the server name, in the documentation.

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