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14.12.5 Unix Platforms

14.12.5 Unix Platforms

dist( distname='', version='', id='', supported_dists=('SuSE','debian','redhat','mandrake'))
Tries to determine the name of the OS distribution name Returns a tuple (distname, version, id) which defaults to the args given as parameters.

libc_ver( executable=sys.executable, lib='', version='', chunksize=2048)
Tries to determine the libc version against which the file executable (defaults to the Python interpreter) is linked. Returns a tuple of strings (lib, version) which default to the given parameters in case the lookup fails.

Note that this function has intimate knowledge of how different libc versions add symbols to the executable is probably only useable for executables compiled using gcc.

The file is read and scanned in chunks of chunksize bytes.

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