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14.5.7 Filter Objects

14.5.7 Filter Objects

Filters can be used by Handlers and Loggers for more sophisticated filtering than is provided by levels. The base filter class only allows events which are below a certain point in the logger hierarchy. For example, a filter initialized with "A.B" will allow events logged by loggers "A.B", "A.B.C", "A.B.C.D", "A.B.D" etc. but not "A.BB", "B.A.B" etc. If initialized with the empty string, all events are passed.

class Filter( [name])
Returns an instance of the Filter class. If name is specified, it names a logger which, together with its children, will have its events allowed through the filter. If no name is specified, allows every event.

filter( record)
Is the specified record to be logged? Returns zero for no, nonzero for yes. If deemed appropriate, the record may be modified in-place by this method.

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