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The SysLogHandler class, located in the logging.handlers module, supports sending logging messages to a remote or local Unix syslog.

class SysLogHandler( [address[, facility]])
Returns a new instance of the SysLogHandler class intended to communicate with a remote Unix machine whose address is given by address in the form of a (host, port) tuple. If address is not specified, ('localhost', 514) is used. The address is used to open a UDP socket. If facility is not specified, LOG_USER is used.

close( )
Closes the socket to the remote host.

emit( record)
The record is formatted, and then sent to the syslog server. If exception information is present, it is not sent to the server.

encodePriority( facility, priority)
Encodes the facility and priority into an integer. You can pass in strings or integers - if strings are passed, internal mapping dictionaries are used to convert them to integers.

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