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9.4.1 netrc Objects

9.4.1 netrc Objects

A netrc instance has the following methods:

authenticators( host)
Return a 3-tuple (login, account, password) of authenticators for host. If the netrc file did not contain an entry for the given host, return the tuple associated with the `default' entry. If neither matching host nor default entry is available, return None.

__repr__( )
Dump the class data as a string in the format of a netrc file. (This discards comments and may reorder the entries.)

Instances of netrc have public instance variables:

Dictionary mapping host names to (login, account, password) tuples. The `default' entry, if any, is represented as a pseudo-host by that name.

Dictionary mapping macro names to string lists.

Note: Passwords are limited to a subset of the ASCII character set. Versions of this module prior to 2.3 were extremely limited. Starting with 2.3, all ASCII punctuation is allowed in passwords. However, note that whitespace and non-printable characters are not allowed in passwords. This is a limitation of the way the .netrc file is parsed and may be removed in the future.

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