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36.2.2 Console I/O

36.2.2 Console I/O

kbhit( )
Return true if a keypress is waiting to be read.

getch( )
Read a keypress and return the resulting character. Nothing is echoed to the console. This call will block if a keypress is not already available, but will not wait for Enter to be pressed. If the pressed key was a special function key, this will return '\000' or '\xe0'; the next call will return the keycode. The Control-C keypress cannot be read with this function.

getche( )
Similar to getch(), but the keypress will be echoed if it represents a printable character.

putch( char)
Print the character char to the console without buffering.

ungetch( char)
Cause the character char to be ``pushed back'' into the console buffer; it will be the next character read by getch() or getche().

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