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35.1 sunaudiodev -- Access to Sun audio hardware

35.1 sunaudiodev -- Access to Sun audio hardware

Availability: SunOS.

This module allows you to access the Sun audio interface. The Sun audio hardware is capable of recording and playing back audio data in u-LAW format with a sample rate of 8K per second. A full description can be found in the audio(7I) manual page.

The module SUNAUDIODEV defines constants which may be used with this module.

This module defines the following variables and functions:

exception error
This exception is raised on all errors. The argument is a string describing what went wrong.

open( mode)
This function opens the audio device and returns a Sun audio device object. This object can then be used to do I/O on. The mode parameter is one of 'r' for record-only access, 'w' for play-only access, 'rw' for both and 'control' for access to the control device. Since only one process is allowed to have the recorder or player open at the same time it is a good idea to open the device only for the activity needed. See audio(7I) for details.

As per the manpage, this module first looks in the environment variable AUDIODEV for the base audio device filename. If not found, it falls back to /dev/audio. The control device is calculated by appending ``ctl'' to the base audio device.

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