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9.3 robotparser -- Parser for robots.txt

9.3 robotparser -- Parser for robots.txt

This module provides a single class, RobotFileParser, which answers questions about whether or not a particular user agent can fetch a URL on the Web site that published the robots.txt file. For more details on the structure of robots.txt files, see

class RobotFileParser( )

This class provides a set of methods to read, parse and answer questions about a single robots.txt file.

set_url( url)
Sets the URL referring to a robots.txt file.

read( )
Reads the robots.txt URL and feeds it to the parser.

parse( lines)
Parses the lines argument.

can_fetch( useragent, url)
Returns True if the useragent is allowed to fetch the url according to the rules contained in the parsed robots.txt file.

mtime( )
Returns the time the robots.txt file was last fetched. This is useful for long-running web spiders that need to check for new robots.txt files periodically.

modified( )
Sets the time the robots.txt file was last fetched to the current time.

The following example demonstrates basic use of the RobotFileParser class.

>>> import robotparser
>>> rp = robotparser.RobotFileParser()
>>> rp.set_url("")
>>> rp.can_fetch("*", "")
>>> rp.can_fetch("*", "")
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