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5.19 repr -- Alternate repr() implementation

5.19 repr -- Alternate repr() implementation

The repr module provides a means for producing object representations with limits on the size of the resulting strings. This is used in the Python debugger and may be useful in other contexts as well.

This module provides a class, an instance, and a function:

class Repr( )
Class which provides formatting services useful in implementing functions similar to the built-in repr(); size limits for different object types are added to avoid the generation of representations which are excessively long.

This is an instance of Repr which is used to provide the repr() function described below. Changing the attributes of this object will affect the size limits used by repr() and the Python debugger.

repr( obj)
This is the repr() method of aRepr. It returns a string similar to that returned by the built-in function of the same name, but with limits on most sizes.

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