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13.10 dbhash -- DBM-style interface to the BSD database library

13.10 dbhash -- DBM-style interface to the BSD database library

Availability: Unix, Windows.

The dbhash module provides a function to open databases using the BSD db library. This module mirrors the interface of the other Python database modules that provide access to DBM-style databases. The bsddb module is required to use dbhash.

This module provides an exception and a function:

exception error
Exception raised on database errors other than KeyError. It is a synonym for bsddb.error.

open( path[, flag[, mode]])
Open a db database and return the database object. The path argument is the name of the database file.

The flag argument can be 'r' (the default), 'w', 'c' (which creates the database if it doesn't exist), or 'n' (which always creates a new empty database). For platforms on which the BSD db library supports locking, an "l" can be appended to indicate that locking should be used.

The optional mode parameter is used to indicate the Unix permission bits that should be set if a new database must be created; this will be masked by the current umask value for the process.

See Also:

Module anydbm:
Generic interface to dbm-style databases.
Module bsddb:
Lower-level interface to the BSD db library.
Module whichdb:
Utility module used to determine the type of an existing database.

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