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30. Python Language Services

30. Python Language Services

Python provides a number of modules to assist in working with the Python language. These modules support tokenizing, parsing, syntax analysis, bytecode disassembly, and various other facilities.

These modules include:

parser   Access parse trees for Python source code.
symbol   Constants representing internal nodes of the parse tree.
token   Constants representing terminal nodes of the parse tree.
keyword   Test whether a string is a keyword in Python.
tokenize   Lexical scanner for Python source code.
tabnanny   Tool for detecting white space related problems in Python source files in a directory tree.
pyclbr   Supports information extraction for a Python class browser.
py_compile   Compile Python source files to byte-code files.
compileall   Tools for byte-compiling all Python source files in a directory tree.
dis   Disassembler for Python byte code.
pickletools   Contains extensive comments about the pickle protocols and pickle-machine opcodes, as well as some useful functions.
distutils   Support for building and installing Python modules into an existing Python installation.

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