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34.4.3 FORMS Objects

34.4.3 FORMS Objects

Besides methods specific to particular kinds of FORMS objects, all FORMS objects also have the following methods:

set_call_back( function, argument)
Set the object's callback function and argument. When the object needs interaction, the callback function will be called with two arguments: the object, and the callback argument. (FORMS objects without a callback function are returned by fl.do_forms() or fl.check_forms() when they need interaction.) Call this method without arguments to remove the callback function.

delete_object( )
Delete the object.

show_object( )
Show the object.

hide_object( )
Hide the object.

redraw_object( )
Redraw the object.

freeze_object( )
Freeze the object.

unfreeze_object( )
Unfreeze the object.

FORMS objects have these data attributes; see the FORMS documentation:

Name C Type Meaning
objclass int (read-only) object class
type int (read-only) object type
boxtype int box type
x float x origin
y float y origin
w float width
h float height
col1 int primary color
col2 int secondary color
align int alignment
lcol int label color
lsize float label font size
label string label string
lstyle int label style
pushed int (read-only) (see FORMS docs)
focus int (read-only) (see FORMS docs)
belowmouse int (read-only) (see FORMS docs)
frozen int (read-only) (see FORMS docs)
active int (read-only) (see FORMS docs)
input int (read-only) (see FORMS docs)
visible int (read-only) (see FORMS docs)
radio int (read-only) (see FORMS docs)
automatic int (read-only) (see FORMS docs)

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