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The DOMImplementation interface provides a way for applications to determine the availability of particular features in the DOM they are using. DOM Level 2 added the ability to create new Document and DocumentType objects using the DOMImplementation as well.

hasFeature( feature, version)
Return true if the feature identified by the pair of strings feature and version is implemented.

createDocument( namespaceUri, qualifiedName, doctype)
Return a new Document object (the root of the DOM), with a child Element object having the given namespaceUri and qualifiedName. The doctype must be a DocumentType object created by createDocumentType(), or None. In the Python DOM API, the first two arguments can also be None in order to indicate that no Element child is to be created.

createDocumentType( qualifiedName, publicId, systemId)
Return a new DocumentType object that encapsulates the given qualifiedName, publicId, and systemId strings, representing the information contained in an XML document type declaration.

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