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class OutputChecker( )
A class used to check the whether the actual output from a doctest example matches the expected output. OutputChecker defines two methods: check_output, which compares a given pair of outputs, and returns true if they match; and output_difference, which returns a string describing the differences between two outputs. New in version 2.4.

OutputChecker defines the following methods:

check_output( want, got, optionflags)
Return True iff the actual output from an example (got) matches the expected output (want). These strings are always considered to match if they are identical; but depending on what option flags the test runner is using, several non-exact match types are also possible. See section 23.2.3 for more information about option flags.

output_difference( example, got, optionflags)
Return a string describing the differences between the expected output for a given example (example) and the actual output (got). optionflags is the set of option flags used to compare want and got.

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