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class DocTest( examples, globs, name, filename, lineno, docstring)
A collection of doctest examples that should be run in a single namespace. The constructor arguments are used to initialize the member variables of the same names. New in version 2.4.

DocTest defines the following member variables. They are initialized by the constructor, and should not be modified directly.

A list of Example objects encoding the individual interactive Python examples that should be run by this test.

The namespace (aka globals) that the examples should be run in. This is a dictionary mapping names to values. Any changes to the namespace made by the examples (such as binding new variables) will be reflected in globs after the test is run.

A string name identifying the DocTest. Typically, this is the name of the object or file that the test was extracted from.

The name of the file that this DocTest was extracted from; or None if the filename is unknown, or if the DocTest was not extracted from a file.

The line number within filename where this DocTest begins, or None if the line number is unavailable. This line number is zero-based with respect to the beginning of the file.

The string that the test was extracted from, or `None` if the string is unavailable, or if the test was not extracted from a string.

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