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36.1.6 CAB Objects

36.1.6 CAB Objects

class CAB( name)
The class CAB represents a CAB file. During MSI construction, files will be added simultaneously to the Files table, and to a CAB file. Then, when all files have been added, the CAB file can be written, then added to the MSI file.

name is the name of the CAB file in the MSI file.

append( full, logical)
Add the file with the pathname full to the CAB file, under the name logical. If there is already a file named logical, a new file name is created.

Return the index of the file in the CAB file, and the new name of the file inside the CAB file.

append( database)
Generate a CAB file, add it as a stream to the MSI file, put it into the Media table, and remove the generated file from the disk.

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