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19.4.2 AU_write Objects

19.4.2 AU_write Objects

AU_write objects, as returned by open() above, have the following methods:

setnchannels( n)
Set the number of channels.

setsampwidth( n)
Set the sample width (in bytes.)

setframerate( n)
Set the frame rate.

setnframes( n)
Set the number of frames. This can be later changed, when and if more frames are written.

setcomptype( type, name)
Set the compression type and description. Only 'NONE' and 'ULAW' are supported on output.

setparams( tuple)
The tuple should be (nchannels, sampwidth, framerate, nframes, comptype, compname), with values valid for the set*() methods. Set all parameters.

tell( )
Return current position in the file, with the same disclaimer for the AU_read.tell() and AU_read.setpos() methods.

writeframesraw( data)
Write audio frames, without correcting nframes.

writeframes( data)
Write audio frames and make sure nframes is correct.

close( )
Make sure nframes is correct, and close the file.

This method is called upon deletion.

Note that it is invalid to set any parameters after calling writeframes() or writeframesraw().

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