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34.1.2 Port Objects

34.1.2 Port Objects

Port objects, as returned by openport(), have the following methods:

closeport( )
Close the port.

getfd( )
Return the file descriptor as an int.

getfilled( )
Return the number of filled samples.

getfillable( )
Return the number of fillable samples.

readsamps( nsamples)
Read a number of samples from the queue, blocking if necessary. Return the data as a string containing the raw data, (e.g., 2 bytes per sample in big-endian byte order (high byte, low byte) if you have set the sample width to 2 bytes).

writesamps( samples)
Write samples into the queue, blocking if necessary. The samples are encoded as described for the readsamps() return value.

getfillpoint( )
Return the `fill point'.

setfillpoint( fillpoint)
Set the `fill point'.

getconfig( )
Return a configuration object containing the current configuration of the port.

setconfig( config)
Set the configuration from the argument, a configuration object.

getstatus( list)
Get status information on last error.

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