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7.10.2 AddressList Objects

7.10.2 AddressList Objects

An AddressList instance has the following methods:

__len__( )
Return the number of addresses in the address list.

__str__( )
Return a canonicalized string representation of the address list. Addresses are rendered in "name" <host@domain> form, comma-separated.

__add__( alist)
Return a new AddressList instance that contains all addresses in both AddressList operands, with duplicates removed (set union).

__iadd__( alist)
In-place version of __add__(); turns this AddressList instance into the union of itself and the right-hand instance, alist.

__sub__( alist)
Return a new AddressList instance that contains every address in the left-hand AddressList operand that is not present in the right-hand address operand (set difference).

__isub__( alist)
In-place version of __sub__(), removing addresses in this list which are also in alist.

Finally, AddressList instances have one public instance variable:

A list of tuple string pairs, one per address. In each member, the first is the canonicalized name part, the second is the actual route-address ("@"-separated username-host.domain pair).

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