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7.2 Internal Tools

7.2 Internal Tools

This section describes the various scripts that are used to implement various stages of document processing or to orchestrate entire build sequences. Most of these tools are only useful in the context of building the standard documentation, but some are more general.

This is the primary script used to format third-party documents. It contains all the logic needed to ``get it right.'' The proper way to use this script is to make a symbolic link to it or run it in place; the actual script file must be stored as part of the documentation source tree, though it may be used to format documents outside the tree. Use mkhowto --help for a list of command line options.

mkhowto can be used for both howto and manual class documents. It is usually a good idea to always use the latest version of this tool rather than a version from an older source release of Python. It can be used to generate DVI, HTML, PDF, PostScript, and plain text documents. The GNU info and iSilo formats will be supported by this script in some future version.

Use the --help option on this script's command line to get a summary of options for this script.

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