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6.13 Graphical Interface Components

6.13 Graphical Interface Components

The components of graphical interfaces will be assigned markup, but most of the specifics have not been determined.

\guilabel {label}
Labels presented as part of an interactive user interface should be marked using \guilabel. This includes labels from text-based interfaces such as those created using curses or other text-based libraries. Any label used in the interface should be marked with this macro, including button labels, window titles, field names, menu and menu selection names, and even values in selection lists.

\menuselection {menupath}
Menu selections should be marked using a combination of \menuselection and \sub. This macro is used to mark a complete sequence of menu selections, including selecting submenus and choosing a specific operation, or any subsequence of such a sequence. The names of individual selections should be separated by occurrences of \sub.

For example, to mark the selection ``Start > Programs'', use this markup:

\menuselection{Start \sub Programs}

When including a selection that includes some trailing indicator, such as the ellipsis some operating systems use to indicate that the command opens a dialog, the indicator should be omitted from the selection name.

Individual selection names within the \menuselection should not be marked using \guilabel since that's implied by using \menuselection.

Separator for menu selections that include multiple levels. This macro is only defined within the context of the \menuselection macro.

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