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8 Including Graphics

8 Including Graphics

The standard documentation included with Python makes no use of diagrams or images; this is intentional. The outside tools used to format the documentation have not always been suited to working with graphics. As the tools have evolved and been improved by their maintainers, support for graphics has improved.

The internal tools, starting with the mkhowto script, do not provide any direct support for graphics. However, mkhowto will not interfere with graphics support in the external tools.

Experience using graphics together with these tools and the howto and manual document classes is not extensive, but has been known to work. The basic approach is this:

  1. Create the image or graphic using your favorite application.

  2. Convert the image to a format supported by the conversion to your desired output format. If you want to generate HTML or PostScript, you can convert the image or graphic to encapsulated PostScript (a .eps file); LaTeX2HTML can convert that to a .gif file; it may be possible to provide a .gif file directly. If you want to generate PDF, you need to provide an ``encapsulated'' PDF file. This can be generated from encapsulated PostScript using the epstopdf tool provided with the teTeX distribution on Linux and Unix.

  3. In your document, add this line to ``import'' the general graphics support package graphicx:


  4. Where you want to include your graphic or image, include markup similar to this:

      \caption{Description of my image}

    In particular, note for the \includegraphics macro that no file extension is provided. If you're only interested in one target format, you can include the extension of the appropriate input file, but to allow support for multiple formats, omitting the extension makes life easier.

  5. Run mkhowto normally.

If you're working on systems which support some sort of make facility, you can use that to ensure the intermediate graphic formats are kept up to date. This example shows a Makefile used to format a document containing a diagram created using the dia application:

default: pdf
all:     html pdf ps

html:   mydoc/mydoc.php
pdf:    mydoc.pdf

mydoc/mydoc.php:  mydoc.tex mygraphic.eps
        mkhowto --html $<

mydoc.pdf:  mydoc.tex mygraphic.pdf
        mkhowto --pdf $<   mydoc.tex mygraphic.eps
        mkhowto --postscript $<

.SUFFIXES: .dia .eps .pdf

        dia --nosplash --export $@ $<

        epstopdf $<

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