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8.3 Advanced Debugger Support

8.3 Advanced Debugger Support

These functions are only intended to be used by advanced debugging tools.

PyInterpreterState* PyInterpreterState_Head()
Return the interpreter state object at the head of the list of all such objects. New in version 2.2.

PyInterpreterState* PyInterpreterState_Next(PyInterpreterState *interp)
Return the next interpreter state object after interp from the list of all such objects. New in version 2.2.

PyThreadState * PyInterpreterState_ThreadHead(PyInterpreterState *interp)
Return the a pointer to the first PyThreadState object in the list of threads associated with the interpreter interp. New in version 2.2.

PyThreadState* PyThreadState_Next(PyThreadState *tstate)
Return the next thread state object after tstate from the list of all such objects belonging to the same PyInterpreterState object. New in version 2.2.
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