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About the Python Documentation

About the Python Documentation

The Python documentation was originally written by Guido van Rossum, but has increasingly become a community effort over the past several years. This growing collection of documents is available in several formats, including typeset versions in PDF and PostScript for printing, from the Python Web site.

A list of contributors is available.

Comments and Questions

General comments and questions regarding this document should be sent by email to If you find specific errors in this document, please report the bug at the Python Bug Tracker at SourceForge. If you are able to provide suggested text, either to replace existing incorrect or unclear material, or additional text to supplement what's already available, we'd appreciate the contribution. There's no need to worry about text markup; our documentation team will gladly take care of that.

Questions regarding how to use the information in this document should be sent to the Python news group, comp.lang.python, or the Python mailing list (which is gated to the newsgroup and carries the same content).

For any of these channels, please be sure not to send HTML email. Thanks.